Compact system of transferable interior partitions


FORWALL is a system of transferable interior partition which provides an elegant and efficient solution of segmentation of existing space already finished as for construction. By its variability, wide range of materials, colours and decorating the prefabricated system provides wide range of application.

The partition‘s element consists of a steel structure which is strutted between floor and ceiling. Due to this anchoring method the partition may be relocated, interior layout may be changed or it may be dismantled without any visible damage of the existing space.

The FORWALL face partition itself is assembled arbitrarily of full window-type and door-type modules that may simply be changed or combined. The space set up by means of this interior partition may be supplemented both with standard furniture and with our special hanging furniture INOVAN fully compatible with the interior partition.

Interior partition system FORWALL and furniture INOVAN are manufactured, supplied and assembled in cooperation with company BS Vsetín, s.r.o..




Basic description of interior partition FORWALL:

  • installation of the partition into a space already finished as for construction by strutting between floor and ceiling
  • self-supporting construction optionally supplemented with:

   - full panels with variable surface - laminated
   - window-type panels
   - doors
   - accessory furniture system INOVAN (shelves, tables, cabinets)

  • soundproof features sufficient for common office environment
  • 5 mm seams between modules filled by rubber profiles
  • contingency to install electrical and network cables
  • maximum height of the partition: 4,000 mm, standard thickness of the partition: 124 mm
  • demountable without any damage both to the partition and to the installation space


Folding screens made of the interior partitions

  • By means of reduced height partitions to 150 cm or 215 cm (by folding screens) a given space may be efficiently sectioned. The folding screens supplemented by the hanging furniture system INOVAN provide a variable solution of office premises that may be changed and modified as to instant needs.



  • Installation and dismantling of the partitions is performed only by BS Vsetín, s.r.o., or possibly by a company demonstrably trained by BS Vsetín and having been provided with an authorisation for such activity.